Cloud 9 Healing Therapies & Spa - About Us
Cloud 9 Healing Therapies & Spa - A Hidden Oasis Tucked Away in the Woods!
The Mission of Cloud 9
We believe that most people would like to look and feel younger. The goal of Cloud 9 is to provide the most advanced therapeutic techniques, technology, and services to relieve our clients' pain. As Zig Ziglar once said,

"You can have anything that you want if you help enough people get what they want."

We strive to apply this principle in every aspect of our business. There are many other massage therapists out there, but when you come to Cloud 9, you are treated like a member of our family. We would like you to experience Cloud 9 for yourself--we are confident that when you do, you will feel SO wonderful that you just have to tell all your friends! After your first visit, you'll know why Cloud 9 is Ionia's most popular new massage therapy center...You'll see why our motto is "Feel good again. You deserve it."
The Cloud 9 Experience
As soon as you step into Cloud 9, you will at once feel the relaxing atmosphere. Cloud 9 is a hidden oasis tucked away in the woods!  We strive to create a peaceful setting that is conducive to letting go of all of your stress. The combination of lighting, color, sound, and smell is utilized to transport you to a pleasant environment that is miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You will be amazed by the quiet ambiance, and the way you feel so refreshed after a session with one of THE most gifted massage therapists in the area...


Kelli White~Owner
Hours Available:
 Monday: 9am~4pm
 Tuesday: 3am~8pm
 Wednesday: 2pm~7pm
 Thursday: 9am~3pm
 Friday: 10am~3pm
Saturday:  Appt. ONLY
I am a Licensed Massage Therapist trained at Michigan Institute of Massage Therapy and Science.  I have developed my own personal style and have been working in the field since 2001.  I have worked for chiropractors, doctors, and many spas. 
It has been my dream to have my own spa.  And finally my dreams came true!  I opened Cloud 9 in December 2008. 
I feel that each client utilizes massage therapy for different purposes as part of their own wellness program.  Whether for general relaxation or to address a specific issue, my goal is to work with the client to design each session to meet their needs most effectively and provide a comfortable and energetic experience!  
I have a personal relationship with most of my clients,  I am a very spiritual person, so I try to incorporate that within my practice.  I love my job and I believe my clients can feel that with each massage that they get from me.
I am also certified in cupping massage, which is very therapeutic for your body.  I do facials, salt scrubs, facial cupping, mud wraps,  relaxation massage, therapeutic, deep tissue, reflexology, & Rain Drop Therapy.


Grace Spitzley (LMT)
Hours Available:
Monday:  2pm~8pm
Thursday:  10pm~4pm
Grace has recently graduated from Massage Therapy school.  She attended LLC and is licensed.  She specifies in relaxation massage, trigger points, & reflexology.

Tiffany Hagerman
(Licensed Esthetician)
Hours Available:
Monday & Tuesday from 4:30pm-7pm
Tiffany is a graduate of the Douglas J. Aveda institute. She has developed a nurturing therapeutic technique that allows the body to create a harmonious balance of relaxation and self-healing.  Tiffany analyzes the needs of each guest and takes them through a customized journey. She prides herself in making sure her guests not only leave relaxed, but also better informed on how to maintain their skin between services. Her facial massage is heavily influenced by the Ayurvedic and lymphatic drainage techniques. Through each service, she strives to give her client the results they are seeking, while promoting deep relaxation.
Aside from facial services and relaxation treatments, Tiffany is well known for her quick and proficient face and full body waxing She makes each guest feel as comfortable as possible while taking them through each step of the waxing process. Most of her waxing guest leave feeling like they came to visit a friend. 
Tiffany is a cheerful, upbeat, people person, who loves skincare and sharing her knowledge. 
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